General Poems

Kelly and John, On Your Wedding

Kelly, you and John are a delight.
You make us happy individually;
Together it is always better. So
It’s only fitting to officialize
The thing and get your rings, your flowers, bows, and
Dresses, tuxes, drunken distant cousins,
Rented chairs and tables, and champagne –
Yes, all the goodies of the idiom
We call The Wedding Day (all rights reserved,
Walt Disney Corporation). Yet despite
The hype and cost, it does not last; it’s just
One day, you know. So stop to take a breath
And look around; enjoy it while it’s here,
And soon that other thing begins, that thing
We call The Lives We’re Leading (copyright
2004 by Halliburton). If
I were a writer, I would say it’s now
Your tale begins, your great adventure starts,
But Kelly, you’re the writer, so I’ll save
Such words for you, although it’s certain you
Will write great novels of your courtship, yes,
Some doodled pamphlets of canoodling,
And screenplays of your love with characters
Who are yourselves disguised a bit by names
Like Juan and Melly. John, you will create,
It’s sure, an architecture of your bond,
A sprawling structure of relationship
With porticoes of passion, vestibules
Of veneration, cupolas of keen
Connection, though do not forget your house,
Your posh Palladian palace, will include
A writer’s room tucked in some corner – right? –
And you could also have out front a sign
With words like “Morgan and Olivia
Are welcome anytime to visit here.”


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