General Poems

To Carlos, on His Marriage and My Gaining a New Sister-In-Law

Carlos, we are truly brothers. Despite
The lack of blood between us, despite the miles
Apart we lived for years and years, despite
The different vanished fathers, other bonds
Persist. A mutual disdain to wait
For deus ex machina is the first
To come to mind: Why wait for others’ work
To save your skin when you can save yourself?
Yes, a mutual imperative
We share for one to be oneself, to act
Alone… ironic then that we are friends
And further still that now we celebrate
Your joyous union to Ninnette today;
But life is often built on paradox
It seems, and who are we to question it
When beauty showers down around
And fills our happy hearts to overflowing
Passion songs for sated souls? For I
Now have a brother and he now has a wife!


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